Principal's Message

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Dear K-2 Parents,

With spring finally here, many parents begin to wonder about their child’s placement for the next school year.  We are now making plans to begin this complex process for the 2019-2020 school year. This process involves collaboration among your child’s classroom teacher, support specialists, and the building principal.  Our goal is to create heterogeneous classes designed to meet the needs of all students.

Teachers consider many factors when building classes for the next school year, including students’ learning styles, their strengths and challenges, and personality traits.  Great care goes into building balanced, cooperative classes.  Your child’s teacher knows your child very well.  He/she knows your child’s personality and what environment provides a good match for your child’s particular learning style.  You can be confident that your child’s distinct needs are taken into account when we build classes.

In rare instances, there is very specific personal information that you may want to share with school personnel to assist us in the placement process.  In those cases, pertinent information can be conveyed in a letter addressed to the building principal. Please NO EMAILS. 

This information MAY include the following:

    A particular teaching style to which your child responds well.

    Other significant concerns that you feel may impact your child’s academic progress.


Letters should NOT include the following information:

  Names of particular teachers or personal descriptions of teachers you wish your child to be placed with – or NOT placed with.  These requests cannot be honored.  Letters containing teacher requests will be returned.

● Names of students you wish your child to be placed with-or NOT placed with. Unless there is information about which we are unaware, these requests cannot be honored as they impact the placement of other students.


Please submit this information no later than Friday, April 13th (The Friday before April break). 


If you know that you are moving and your child will not be a Westborough student next year, please inform your child’s principal in writing so that we can take that information into account when forming new classes.


We appreciate your continued support of our schools and we look forward to working with you in the coming years.



John Mendes / Principal