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May 2017

Greetings Armstrong Families!

Armstrong will be promoting another Walk to School Day event the morning of Friday, May 26th.  This is a simple family event which provides you with an opportunity to walk to school with your children.  As we did this past fall, we would like to invite all of our Armstrong families to participate in a Walk to School Day on Friday, May 26th.     

How do we participate?  It’s simple, just walk to school with your child. This is a chance for everyone to get a little exercise, chat with their children, and reinforce their traffic safety skills.  If you and/or your children already walk between home and school regularly, this is also an event that will acknowledge you for doing so, and will encourage your children to keep walking. 

What if I live too far from the school to walk or there are no sidewalks in my neighborhood?  If you live too far from the school to walk, one option would be to walk from a friend’s home.  

Will the buses still run on May 26th?  Yes, buses will still run their routes that morning for families that are not able to participate.  Also, all buses will run as usual that afternoon. 

What time should we plan to walk to school?  Your start time is up to you, based on what works for your family.  We suggest that you leave with enough time to walk at a child’s pace so that students are able to arrive to school around 8:30 a.m.  There will not be an official walk start time, as this is not a race.  

What if it rains on Friday, May 26th?  If there is rain on May 26th, the rain date will be Tuesday, May 30th.  

John Mendes